HGK SupraFighter

Toyota Supra MK5/A90 [HGK Supra-Jet bodykit]

Toyota Supra MK5/A90 [HGK Supra-Jet bodykit] developed by HGK Motorsport.
The body remains faithful to the MK5 Supra at first glance, but a closer eye can see that the green-toned carbon-kevlar kit adding flares to the front end, wheel arches, side panels, and at the rear, a very drift-focused set-up.
3D designed to give calculated feedback for the optimum mounting points, where the air should flow, what parts should have easy access and so on.

All parts are for TRACK AND RACE CARS only (not exhibition), adjustments will be required at fitting.
Please note that there may be occasional small imperfections, such as small cracks, scratches and/or slight size variations, which in no way affect their high-performance capabilities.