Supra A90 Door Set [OEM]
Supra A90 Door Set [OEM]
Supra A90 Door Set [OEM]
Supra A90 Door Set [OEM]

Supra A90 Door Set [OEM]

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Supra lightweight OEM size doors comes with window frame to fit lexan polycarbonate window.
Easy to install hinges and locks from your OEM doors.
Most easiest way to drop the car weight.

Carbon gives strength and kevlar material provides flexibility.
It will save you a lot of time in case of potential damage during competition weekend. Carbon/Kevlar parts can hold up several contacts and hits, without need of replacing them. And at the end it will save you decent amount of money.

Estimate weight Carbon [Carbon/Kevlar] - 3,70kg, fiberglass - 4,70kg, .

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