Nissan 370Z Front Drift Angle Lock Kit with Rack Relocation


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You can now get your Nissan 370Z rack relocated for more precise and ridgid steering. Already have Wisefab 370Z angle kit? Get your Rack Relocation kit!

Rod ends and spherical bearings are used, no rubber bushings. Adjustable Ackermann with washers. Lower control arms are one piece design and the shock motion ratio can be adjusted with out affecting the ride height. Nissan 370Z spare parts available right here. Scroll down and order your spare parts here.

Want to know how does Wisefab Lock kit fits your driftcar check below the link CHECK FITMENT or here!

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Here is our recommended alignment parameters:
Toe in/out: If Ackermann is 0 or negative then toe is 2mm out. If Ackermann is positive then toe is 0
Camber: -3,7 +/-0,3
Caster: 6,3 +/-0,3

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