Nissan S14 S15 Front V2 Drift Angle Lock Kit with Rack Relocation


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Wisefab Nissan S14 angle kit has redesigned knuckle to allow more suspension travel with the trending long stroke coilovers.  the new lower control arm is suitable for S13 and S14 and has more convenient adjusting. Steering rack has been relocated to improve Ackermann curve which  resulted as more usable angle with better feel and precise handling. Relocating the steering rack will eliminate the need for rack offset spacers which means more rigid and precise handling. All these changes will give you the competitive edge. All the parts in the Nissan S14 angle kit are provided as spare parts.

 S14 / S15 kit is for the 5 lug spindle, if you have 4 lug please select the Nissan S13 angle kit.

Want to know how does Wisefab Lock kit fits your driftcar check below the link CHECK FITMENT or here!

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Here is our recommended alignment parameters:
Toe in/out: If Ackermann is 0 or negative then toe is 2mm out. If Ackermann is positive then toe is 0
Camber: -4 +/-0,5
Caster: 3,5 ´+/-0,5

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